Janelle Safford – ‘Frozen Ice’

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A wonderfully talented singer-songwriter from the US, Janelle Safford has recently shared her highly anticipated debut single, ‘Frozen Ice’, a track that artfully draws inspiration from her experiences growing up. Filled with youth and energy, the new track is the first true glimpse of Janelle’s talents as a musician, and it’s absolutely gorgeous.

Written while she was still in high school, ‘Frozen Ice’ is a release that embodies the uncertainty of your teenage years, capturing the flurry of emotions that run through you in those early years, while also touching on the pains of heartbreak. As Janelle explains, “This song is about the moment when someone has hurt you so badly that you cannot feel anything anymore.”

Janelle first began writing songs during her childhood, finding inspiration to make music by listening to artists like Taylor Swift. Seeing how songwriters like her could create such personal, yet accessible lyrics that everyone could relate to, Janelle worked to infuse her own music with that undeniable sense of emotion. She began playing the ukulele when she was in middle school, saving up to buy one of her own, and she hasn’t stopped playing ever since.

Available now on all major platforms, ‘Frozen Ice’ is a touching modern pop release that shines with timeless folk qualities, making it one of the most enticing and enjoyable debuts we’ve heard in recent months. Stream it below via Soundcloud, or find it on all your favourite platforms here.

Janelle currently resides in Los Angeles and attends the California Institute of the Arts where she is receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in music. She is also the founder and president of the Ukulele Club at her college. She plans on creating music that spans many different genres such as pop, indie, alternative and country music.

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