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Jerry Hull – 'The Witching Hour'

  • 1 min read
Even before Broken 8 Records was Broken 8 Records, Jerry Hull was putting together songs and creating his sound. A singer, pianist, songwriter, and arranger, he a slice of the old Memphis sound that has crashed through the heart of the UK, bringing his music and his style along with him.

His latest album ‘Celebrate In The Sunshine’ was released only recently, and from within the vivid mixture of heavy 60’s grooves, heartfelt ballads, and vintage Americana came ‘The Witching Hour’, one of the more eccentric moments on the record. A rock song caught up in the Halloween spirit, it tells the story of a new persona for Jerry, a mad scientist who resides in a dark and decrepit castle and experiences all sort of weird and wonderful moments.

In terms of the narrative, the song is one of Jerry’s more left-field ideas, but it’s hard to ignore the freedom that it brings to his sound. It’s one of those brilliantly bizarre pieces where the more rock-heavy side of Jerry’s music is allowed to break out and roam free, casting aside all care or measure and just going hell for leather.

It’s another brilliant piece from Jerry, and one that will certainly peak your interest for the rest of the album!
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