Jonah – ‘Trust Issue 2’

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An independent artist who has been kicking around Houston’s local scene for the past few years, Jonah first rose to prominence a few years ago with the release of his debut record, ‘The Arrival’. Since then, he’s been hard at work furthering his reach and talents, channelling his unique hip-hop style through a maelstrom of freestyles, writing sessions and production lessons. Today, we’re proud to share a strong illustration of how far Jonah’s come, with the release of his brilliant new cut ‘Trust Issues 2’.

After working hard to buy his own studio, Jonah’s career has been a constant source of progressive, alt-rap anthems, drawing praise from both the local and international scenes. With three impressive, but criminally under-appreciated albums to his name, Jonah is a truly independent artist who is working hard for the love of music.

In his new single, Jonah has well and truly hit his stride, delivering one of the finest pieces of alternative RnB that you’ll hear this year. Part of his mission to release a new cut every month this year, ‘Trust Issues 2’ hits hard, unleashing a collaborative anthem that sees him trading bars with sharp independent talent Lukky Lotto, who also shares the mic on ‘Swangin’ Thru My City’.

Available now on Spotify, Soundcloud, and YouTube, as well as part of our very own annual Spotify playlist for 2021, this is a track you won't want to miss.

Recently, Jonah celebrated over 500,000 total streams on Spotify, a massive milestone that serves as a true testament to his abilities. Tune into the new cut above and make sure you lend your support to Jonah by following him on Spotify and his social media pages below.

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