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Jsun the Prophesor – ‘Hektek’ (feat. Levi Deadman)

  • 2 min read

The president and tireless promoter of College of Hip Hop Knowledge Records, and a talented artist, producer, and engineer in his own right, Jsun the Prophesor has been making waves in recent months with his own gritty, yet deeply poetic style. Armed with an extensive vocabulary and sharp, multi-syllabic rhyme schemes, Jsun has built his reputation on authentic and deeply evocative songwriting, a natural talent that he has been cultivating ever since his first poem was published in the third grade. Now, Jsun has taken things to a whole new level, channelling his power and passion into the bold new single, ‘Hektek’.

Born in Princeton, Illinois, Jsun first made his mark by winning a national competition for poetry with ‘Dreams’. A unique piece, it was the start of a lifelong endeavour for Jsun, and after moving to Austin, he quickly started singing and performing with local bands. After discovering a love for hip-hop, Jsun took to freestyling, hitting the ATX freestyle scene in the ’90s where he cut his teeth and honest his sound.

A single that is filled with the same power and proficiency, ‘Hektek’ is a track that artfully presents the thoughts and struggles experienced in an average man’s daily, hectic grind through a mundane existence. A song that deals with self-doubt, deflection, and the dark side of coping, there is a constant and unrelenting sense of insanity in the track, one that arrives on the back of wild instrumentals and a cosmic whirlwind of impassioned beats and hard lyrics. A massive collaborative single, the track features the impressive talents of rising star Levi Deadman, taking the track from a hard-hitting new release to a true contemporary masterpiece.

Speaking candidly about the new track, Jsun explained, “I chose to work with Levi Deadman on this track for quite a few reasons. The most important being he stylistically and sonically was a perfect fit for the mood and tempo of the track. Levi is also a very talented rapper in his own right which made it an easy pick. When I pick a rapper to collab with I usually search through all my beats and writings for the perfect match for that particular rapper. This allows me to cater a track to a collaboration instead of forcing it or just making it fit.”

Arguably one of this year’s finest independent releases, there is both madness, control, and genius within ‘Hektek’ that absolutely demands to be heard. You can tune in to the new single above via Spotify and be sure to follow both Jsun the Prophesor and College of Hip Hop Knowledge, so you never miss a beat.

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