JW Paris - 'Stuck In A Video'

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JW Paris have been working hard for years to establish themselves as one of the leading acts on the London’s competitive musical map and they have never been in a better form. Their debut EP, which was released at the end of October, 'Stuck In A Video' has thrown the band into the spotlight, and quite rightly so.

A massive release from a band that has sent distinction ricocheting through the underground since their 2017 debut, 'Stuck In A Video' sees JW Paris continuing to bring a potent shot of their own renegade indie-rock flavour to the modern age. 

Proudly independen, everything the band have managed to accomplish is done the old fashioned way: through hard work, DIY promotion without backing of any major label, touring around the country, and creating their own social media content. In true form, the new EP lands as a testament to their passion, delivering six massive singles that revel in dirty grunge and euphoric Britpop.

While three of the songs were previously released as singles, the EP also offers three brand new cuts, creating a comprehensive release that is wisely picked and brilliantly cultivated. Check it out below.

A band definitely worth your attentive, JW Paris know has to live hard, have fun, and write truly brilliant songs. Stream it above, and make sure you follow the band on their social media pages below for more.

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