Karen Harding - 'Strong For You'

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An impressive talent, Karen Harding is back in the spotlight with her latest emotive single, the heartfelt 'Strong For You'. A song that reaches deep within, it's a gorgeous new release that is impossible to deny.

Karen is an artist from Melbourne who has recently partnered up with Argentina’s P&M Records to produce this melancholic indie-folk track. Together, they've creates a brilliant blend of simple guitars paired with a stripped-back arrangement, allowing the raw essence of the track to compliment Karen’s wistful lyrics and dulcet voice.

In true form, the melody arrives as a comforting and familiar sound, laying a foundation for Karen’s step-softly approach to the vocals. Throughout, the singer-songwriter delivers a sound that draws you in and resonants on an emotional level. Her ethereal vocals remain front and centre of 'Strong For You' creating the light and shade that is needed for the song’s subject.

Karen’s siren-esque vocal range and songwriting talent have caught the attention of independent radio stations in Australia and abroad. After hearing the assured way she approached this soothing track it’s a safe bet to say that we can expect to hear more insightful music from Karen Harding.

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