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Kathrine Jackie - ‘Ride' em Out’

  • 2 min read

An artist who has been known affectionately as KJ, Queen of the Outlaws, Kathrine Jackie is the epitome of a powerhouse singer. Born and bred in the enchanting South, Kathrine delivers a unique blend of classical training and an unwavering passion in her music, delivering electrifying anthems and truly captivating tracks that mix perfectly with her penchant for storytelling.

Trained by the legendary Judith Fredericks of Opera New York, and armed with a raw and rebellious sound that is spiked with elements of Southern rock, grit, and country, Kathrine has become a true force in music. Recently, Kathrine has shared a stunning new cut that is sure to impress, saddling up and paying tribute to the wild, wild West in ‘Ride' em Out’.

An adrenaline-pumping anthem that perfectly illustrates Kathrine’s fierce style, ‘Ride' em Out’ is designed to ignite a fire within you, fueling your spirit as you navigate through life's toughest challenges. Built on a rolling wave of powerful beats and sharp, captivating lyrics, the new single is an empowering release that pushes you ‘to conquer the rugged terrain of your journey and emerge victorious’.

Celebrated for her ability to draw inspiration from every corner of her world, weaving together tales of her own life and those around her, Kathrine has landed on a sure fire hit with ‘Ride' em All’. Easily one of her best releases so far, and arguably one of the most enrapturing country-pop releases of the last few years, it’s a track that well and truly deserves to be heard.

Embodying Kathrine’s spirit of “once an outlaw, always an outlaw”, ‘Ride' em Out’ sees the talented young artist fearlessly embracing her roots with a fiery spirit that sets her apart from the rest. For more brilliant songs from Kathrine, including her latest enthralling single ‘Gunpowder’, be sure to check out Kathrine’s social media pages below.

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