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Kevin Sunday – ‘Do What You Love’

  • 2 min read

A talented singer, songwriter, and musical personality, Kevin Sunday has been slowly building his career over the past few years, releasing a string of impressive sounds and gorgeous, unmistakably optimistic singles. While he might be best known for his joyous independent single ‘Free’, which first premiered back in 2019, Kevin has been hard at work bringing a way of positive vibes to this difficult year, and it's all led to the release of his new single ‘Do What You Love’.

The next chapter in Kevin’s motivational musical journey, ‘Do What You Love’ is relaxed, positive, and wonderfully personal, brimming with easy-going confidence and charming sound that will melt even the coldest of hearts. Part pop and part soft acoustic rock, the single sees Kevin delivering a heartfelt melody that is free from needless flourishes and distractions, focusing instead on a simple ukulele sound and plenty of soul.

A beautiful back-to-basics release that shines with heart and authenticity, ‘Do What You Love’ is a perfect example of Kevin’s sound, and its absolute joy to hear. In his official bio, Kevin has explained that he’s here to “bring you easy optimistic motivating sunshine Pop Singer Songwriter music which won't leave your ears once you've heard it”, and on his latest single, he’s definitely done just that.

Available now on all major platforms, along with the official music video on YouTube, ‘Do What You Love’ is an acoustic pop gem that is purpose-built to be enjoyed.

Along with ‘Do What You Love’, you can also find all Kevin’s other singles available now on Spotify, and while you’re at it, don’t forget to check out his website where you can find our more about his music, life, and what’s still to come.

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