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KinetiX – ‘Red Line’

  • 2 min read

As the world slowly returns to what it once was, KinetiX has stepped onto the scene with an energetic new single about living life in the excess and the splitting hangover that naturally comes with it. The talented brother trio are living in the fast lane with their latest party-pop anthem ‘Red Line’ – a song that knows how to groove with its fat synth beats, fun lyrics, and an unmatched energy that will have you sipping on the hair of the dog and ready for round two.

Red Line’ touches on the vices that accompany late nights, hazy days and hacking hangovers, the epitome of a good time in the post-pandemic world. In addition to providing a slate of banging rhythms and big drops, Red Line has been purposefully produced in a way that transports the listener into the depths of a maniacal bender. In fact, the thumping beat heard at the first drop was inserted as a means to mimic the thumping inside one’s head following a heavy night out in town.

A no-limits single that is primed to become a club classic with its energetic bounce and feel-good vibes. The sporadic synth creates a sense of disorder and fun chaos as the electro-pop track channels the pent-up party energy we have all been waiting to unleash for so long. If ‘Red Line’ is any measurement of what the Irish brothers have in store, then get ready for some wild times because KinetiX is taking the reins on a future filled with excess.

With the addition of Red Line, KinetiX now bolster a catalogue of successful hits, including ‘Remember Days’, ‘Loved’ and more, all of which have received ample airtime, as well as an ever-growing fanbase eager to see what the Irish brothers drop next.

KinetiX is made up of brothers Theodore (vocals), Arthur (drums) and Ademar (keys/guitar) who first started out in the traditional Irish music scene before dipping their toes in mainstream pop. Although KinetiX was first formed in 2017, the trio have been honing their crafts for years prior, winning a collective 23 All-Ireland solo medals. In 2010, the three brothers featured on the Late Late Toy Show, where they gave performances on the banjo, accordion and bouzouki.

The time spent together and on solo endeavours eventually culminated into the powerhouse pop group seen today. KinetiX is the work of like-minded musicians bonded by blood who have developed their own niche of pop music.

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