Kir - 'No Sweat'

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A fast-rising creative, Kir knows how to paint a picture for listeners. It’s an isolated tropical island, drinks, designer cars, and clothes; it’s a picture of expensive taste and luxury living soundtracked perfectly be his latest vibrant single, 'No Sweat'.

A song that sees the rising star embraving a soulful dark melody that is reminiscent of The Weeknd, 'No Sweat' delivers a flow that is upbeat and catchy, making it the perfect party anthem. Kir knows how to deliver a vibe like no other, and 'No Sweat' is lyrical proof.

This type of music is not the easiest to make. You have to dig deep, and it seems like Kir has no problem doing that. His attention to detail and love for art is what drive him. Moreover, his creativity shines through, and this record shows that he is getting closer to his goals. The music is dark, but it sounds big, relatable, and soulful. The subject matter will always be heartfelt, and that will help him a lot.

A new name that wont stop until he's made his mark, Philly rapper Kir is picking up steam after being featured on All Hip HopRevolt TVSoundcity, and more, his last single has surpassed 1 million+ streams across all platforms.

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