KLT & Jessy Elsa Palma’s New Album, 'Beauty Of Change, Redefines Jazz and Soul

KLT & Jessy Elsa Palma have unveiled their highly anticipated album 'Beauty of Change', under the Jazz Family label, sharing a vibrant exploration of jazz and soul. The album, which has already garnered significant attention from notable platforms such as France Musique, FIP, TSF, and Soul Bag, as well as support from Deezer and Apple Music editorial playlists, showcases the trio's profound musical evolution.

Initiated by Kevin Larriveau, KLT's music offers a contemplative journey through emotions, seamlessly blending acoustic and modern elements. Jessy Elsa Palma’s distinctive vocal style adds a captivating groove and soulful depth to the album. Tracks like 'I Surrender' highlight the trio’s Latin influences, thanks to Gabriel Gorr on double bass, while 'Special Guest' delivers a soul-stirring experience with its jazz undertones.

Singles 'Locked in Paradise' and 'Theresa' further highlight the album's emotional depth and innovative flair. Jessy Elsa Palma's gospel roots are evident, adding a unique touch to modern music. The intricate choir arrangements in these tracks are poised to become timeless, transcending and redefining genres.

Elsewhere on the album, 'Life Is A Long Road' and 'I Belong To You' deliver subtle, building melodies led by piano keys and light, percussive drums. Both songs share a smoky, hushed quality that the songs shift to dispels as they move towards a climax. Throughout 'I Belong To You', there is a heavy gospel vibe, tying into the soulful, calling sounds perfect and lifting it at every turn thanks to the inclusion of The Joyful KeY.

In the closing sounds of the album, 'Far Away' arrives as a rolling jazz single that floats lightly on the back of more energetic jazz instrumentals, drummer Theo Schirru's talented percussion, and Jessy Elsa Palma's gorgeous vocals, while the JANOLS' remix of 'Locked in Paradise' artfully adds a more modern, electronic vibe, shining a new light on the single, and ending the album with an unexpected, but welcome twist.

The album's creation took the group across the globe. Recorded live in Italy at Stefano Amerio’s renowned studio in Udine, the sessions captured the trio's authentic and dynamic energy. Enhancements in Paris with analogue keyboards and contributions from international artists - such as Daphnis Moglia’s trumpet in New York, Jérôme Calciné and Thierry Faroppa’s percussion in La Réunion, and the Interestring Quartet’s strings in Taiwan - added rich, global textures to the album.

'Beauty of Change' is set to achieve resounding success, solidifying KLT and Jessy Elsa Palma’s place in the modern music landscape. This album is not just a collection of songs but a testament to their artistic journey and a must-listen for any music enthusiast.

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