Kursive – ‘Lean On Me’

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An artist who has had to overcome a lot in his life, Kursive is leading the charge as one hip-hop’s most exciting independent talents. Determined to change his fortunes and constantly nurturing his passion for music, Kursive has spent the last year delivering a string of impressive cuts, including his latest standout single, ‘Lean On Me’.

A song that perfectly encapsulates Kursive’s talents, ‘Lean On Me’ is a stark autobiographical piece that shines with smooth, auto-tuned vocals, smooth melodic lines, and tempered electronic beats. It’s an honest and infinitely entertaining release that sees Kursive overcoming his past and forging a new path.

Speaking about his upbringing, Kursive candidly shared, “From a young age, I faced the challenges of my mother's drug issues, leading to our separation. My childhood was marked by constant moves across the DMV area, from Norfolk, VA to Baltimore and Rockville, finally settling in Urbana, Md a suburb outside of DC with my grandmother during my teen years.”

“During my early years, I frequently switched schools due to fighting, a reflection of the turmoil I was experiencing. My teenage years were troubled by drug use, distribution, and violence. At 16, I was caught selling drugs, and by 19, I faced the possibility of 20 years in prison for assault and drug charges. This was a turning point in my life.”

Determined to turn things around, Kursive started three businesses, stepping into the role of entrepreneur, while simultaneously nurturing his passion for music engineering and production. Tragically, in 2016, Kursive’s brother passed away, and his death led me to take a hiatus from music and focus on building a successful construction business, which honed my leadership skills. Speaking further, Kursive added, “Music remained a relentless passion, always pulling me back. I managed to redevelop my studio and continued my pursuit in music. The loss of my brother was followed by the loss of my cousin and several friends to drug use. These losses reinforced my decision to be a positive influence on entrepreneurs and artists facing similar struggles. This is my way of giving back and committing seriously to my craft.”

A true testament to Kursive’s power and proficiency, ‘Lean On Me’ is an explosive release that sets the standard moving forward. Proving Kursive is an artist to watch in the new year, the song stands tall as a contemporary hip-hop anthem that is filled with authentic energy. For more from Kursive, be sure to check out his socials and Spotify page below.

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