Laura Dreyfuss - 'Peaks'

An award-winning actress, singer, and songwriter, Laura Dreyfuss has released her debut EP 'Peaks' via BMG, and we couldn't be prouder to feature it. Produced by Michel Heyaca, the new record is the sound of the multi-talented artist’s love of storytelling channeled into five irresistible pop songs with relatable themes of love, hope, and overcoming feelings of isolation tied to the pandemic.

Audiences have certainly seen Dreyfuss everywhere from the Tony Award-winning Once and Broadway phenomenon Dear Evan Hansen to Glee, Amazon’s The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and NETFLIX’s The Politician. Now with the release of 'Peaks' they’ll finally get to know the singer, songwriter, and actress like never before. Taking the reins, she presents her most unfiltered vision yet through engaging electronic-inflected indie pop anthems rooted in candid lyricism and uplifted by dynamic vocals.

Including three previously released tracks and two new cuts, the 'Peaks' EP reflects Dreyfuss’ evolution as an artist.

“This EP really represents how I’ve found my voice as an artist and a person. So much has changed in my life in the last few years and these songs act like little journal entries throughout,” confides Dreyfuss.

In Dreyfuss’ latest single 'Nose To Nose', the song integrates acoustic strumming and handclaps into a warm electronic soundscape punctuated by shimmering keys and a guitar solo. Overwhelmed with a rush of happiness, she celebrates her three-year-old dog Banjo with playful lyrics about “tug-of-war” and “chasing you in circles just to kiss your face” before a heartfelt hook. “With ‘Nose To Nose’, I wanted to capture the purest form of love, and I felt like a fun way to express that was writing about my dog Banjo. She’s such a presence in my life,” says Dreyfuss. “The lyrics seem like they’re about a person though! Musically, it’s the joy of having this unconditional love from an innocent animal. It’s a celebration of that.”

The song 'Pillow' explores heart-wrenching feelings of loneliness and the impact this has on one’s mental health. “‘Pillow’ is where my headspace was for most of 2020. I was trying to find comfort in what I could control in a very isolating environment,” says Dreyfuss. With sweeping acoustic guitars, tender piano elements and breathtakingly stunning vocals that build into a climatic crescendo of cinematic sounds, 'Pillow' paints a vivid and relatable portrait of passion, hope, and longing.

Further accentuating the tender narrative, the visuals for 'Pillow' follow Dreyfuss throughout the course of the pandemic as she shares intimate memories cuddling with her boyfriend and dog, playing in the snow, and exploring the great beauty of nature while finding solace, connection and joy in the quiet moments that we often take for granted.

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