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Layte Bloom – ‘Head Full’

  • 2 min read

A self-confessed melody maker and bedroom singer, Layte Bloom first rose to prominence as the lead singer and guitarist for Class of Kill’Em High, an alt-rock outfit that struck hard upon Sweden’s independent scene back in 2014. Since then, Bloom has been carving out his own solo adventure, piecing together new songs and compositions that linger somewhere between daydreams and reality. One such release, is ‘Head Full’, an aptly titled new single that arrived just a few days ago.

Styled with stark indie-rock vibes that sway with grit and ‘90s nostalgia, Bloom’s latest offering is a polished return to the golden age of indie, capturing a sound that blends brit-pop, alt-rock, and the occasional shoegaze inflexion. As a standalone single, it’s a gorgeous introduction to Bloom’s solo career, shining with a rough cinematic quality that is perfectly balanced by his expressive, textured vocals and poetic, wandering lyrics.

Through the shimmering guitar chords that rise and fall with each chorus, and the steady beats that constantly push the song forward, ‘Head Full’ stands firm, creating a unique experience that is spirited and personal, yet bold and accessible enough that it can be appreciated by all. Lyrically, the single is just as disarming, and as Bloom calls out with lines like “you’re my favourite memory” and “howling for love in a bathroom stall”, you can’t help but be pulled into his world.

A song that Johnny Lloyd would be proud of, ‘Head Full’ is available now on most major platforms, as well as on our very own annual Spotify playlist.

A brilliant single that has a rare timeless sound, ‘Head Full’ is charming, intoxicating, and effortlessly cool, setting a strong standard for the rest of Bloom’s promising career.

Tune in above via Spotify and make sure you follow Bloom on Bandcamp and his social media pages below, so you never miss a new release.

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