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Levandé - 'Timeless Nostalgia'

  • 2 min read

A passionate and immensely talented Congolese artist, Kevin Levandé Mawisa has been working tirelessly towards his dreams of becoming 'a star as big as our sun'. Armed with a unique style that seamlessly transitions from one genre to the next, Levandé has just released his third seminal project, a brilliant EP titled 'Timeless Nostalgia'.

Born in The Netherlands, Levandé found his passion for music as a child, as he explained, "Three years old and this artist already had one dream. Becoming a star as big as our sun. A star that touches people's hearts, inspires them, gives them hope and makes them feel seen. A singer for the people." A few decades later, and Levandé was well on his way to achieving this dream, releasing a string of singles that have gained over 42,000 streams on Spotify alone. Along with his studio releases, Levandé has also shared an impressive line of YouTube covers, taken on professional singing lessons, studied Jazz music, performed on The Voice Belgique, and being seen by stars such as Chloë Bailey, Flo, JoJo, Maksim Stojanac, Stevie Mackey, Jacob Collier, Alfie Templeman, Jake sherman, Durand Bernarr, and so on.

A unique and uncompromising talent, Levandé builds his music off a single motivation mantra, "I'm already a star, my light just hasn't reached everyone yet." His latest release, 'Timeless Nostalgia' is a powerful example of his style and unwavering confidence, delivering a glistening take on old school pop sounds. Capturing a sound that is both unique and nostalgic, the EP opens with a 1960's inspired piece, with Levandé channelling vibrant sounds of yesteryear to make his mark. As the EP continues, Levandé continues to explore new eras within pop music, jumping forward a decade to more digitally-charged synths sounds that represent the glowing synthwave sounds of the '80s, along with more future pop sounds that collide in the later stages of the EP.

One of the true highlights on the release, 'Galaxy' shines with late-90's pop sounds that are wrapped in classic R&B tones. It's a mesmerising piece that takes the listener right back to the golden age of pop, offering a warm, familiar sound that will get under your skin and stick with you for days. You can stream 'Galaxy' and the full EP now via Spotify.

Levandé's third major release to date, 'Timeless Nostalgia' is an impressive re-introduction to the rising start, capitalising on his ability to create stunning sounds from any genre. A talented singer, composer, songwriter, performer, arranger, and producer, the stage is well and truly set for Levandé to become an international name. For more from this talented artist, be sure to follow his social media pages.

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