Three Cords – ‘Out of the Darkness’

A growing creative force, Three Cords are far more than just another musical duo, they are also a devoted husband and wife team. With a musical repertoire based on their faith, Jacob and Kiara write songs about God’s work in their lives, joining hands and hearts to create a unique sound that is driven by their unwavering passion. With a sound inspired by the East Coast Era, they have created a new style of rap that is set to change the foundation and enduring melancholy of ‘emo-rap’ culture.

In their own words, Jacob and Kiara make songs for the broken and less fortunate, digging deep into their own histories to make music that will inspire, serve, and offer solace. With both artists growing up in tough neighbourhoods, they know what it takes to live through hardship and overcome obstacles, and their very name is a testament to the strength they have had to find. Based on Ecclesiastes 4:12, “a person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer” – and while two cords may be strong, three is all the more powerful.

Their latest release, ‘Out of The Darkness’ is an unforgettable call to arms, one that seeks to infiltrate the ‘emo-rap’ genre and spread a message of hope and truth. A spirited three-track release, ‘Out of the Darkness’ speaks to anyone who grew up without a Father in lead track, ‘Hold Me Up (Not Fatherless)’, which comes complete with an emotive music video, those of us who are searching for a purpose in the title track, and those of us struggling to move past loss, remorse, and sorrow in ‘Haunts Me’.

Armed with powerful, visual lyrics and an uncompromising will to spread their faith and message, Jacob and Kiara have been able to create a unique and wonderfully emotional sound that is sure to entertain and inspire in equal measure.

You can stream ‘Out of the Darkness’ in full on Spotify above, and be sure to follow the duo on Facebook and Instagram to make sure you never miss a release.

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