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Liv Hanna - 'Back To Hell'

  • 2 min read

Singer-songwriter Liv Hanna is back with her first single of the year, 'Back To Hell'. Cast in the same vein as her previous release, Liv gets vulnerable and provides heartfelt, thought-provoking lyrics in the new single.

The eclectic 'Back To Hell' is a mental health anthem. The track equates Hell with the hellish headspace that many are in or constantly find themselves falling back into. The single draws on Liv's personal experiences and takes a deep dive into topics such as isolation, rejection, and depression.

"'Back To Hell' is a reaction to loss and rejection." Liv Hanna says, "It is feeling isolated yet somehow finding comfort in your isolation. It’s sometimes easier to stay in that state until you have the energy and support to come back out of it." The songstress utilizes her raw yet polished vocals to evoke the song's sincerity and emotional tone. 

The song was entirely written by Liv Hanna, demonstrating Liv Hanna's songwriting prowess and maintaining the authenticity of the powerful record. Liv Hanna enlisted talented producer PJ McGinnis who crafted a vivacious yet mellow instrumental with plenty of transitions, angelic keys, latent drums, guitar breakdowns, and genre-bending sounds. The stripped-down verses and bridge blend well with the lively, catchy chorus.

'Back To Hell' may have a somber tone to it, but the song is meant to uplift listeners, make them feel supported, and assure them that they are not alone. Liv Hanna's introspective lyricism and dulcet tones are why Liv Hanna is a superstar in the making.

New York native Liv Hanna is a twenty-year-old singer-songwriter and recording artist. She is currently based in Miami, FL. The songbird carries a tool kit laden with emotional angst, fermented in Pop, Dark Pop, and Pop Rock sensibilities. Known for her expansive vocal range and clever, resonating songwriting, Liv Hanna has garnered attention from countless media outlets including the Metropolitan Magazine.

Already with a discography bolstering ten masterpieces, Liv Hanna releases a new sentimental single to kick off the summer, 'Back To Hell'. The hot new track is Liv Hanna's return to the limelight and sets up her upcoming releases, which fans have been yearning for.

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