Lone Roman shares a haunting auditory journey in new single ‘Know Better’

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An artist whose sonic tapestries blissfully transcend the ordinary, Lone Roman delivers a chilling narrative in his new single ‘Know Better’. A compelling story that delves into the highs and lows of life, the new single is haunting, expressive, and wonderfully honest.

Revelling in sonic dissonance and sombre, solitary guitar chords, Lone Roman crafts a world of deep bass and driving beats, cascading sounds that reflect feelings of deception, but also hint at final resolution and catharsis. In a clever artistic choice, Lone Roman uses tones and spacious atmospherics to shield himself, choosing solitude over discontent to defend himself from insincere connections and false friendships.

As the song evolves, there is a building chord progression that gives strength to the contemplative tracks, backing Lone Roman’s thought-provoking lyrics. In the second verse, he raps about protecting yourself by building up walls, but also being aware that even the strongest shields can crumble. The whole song is a powerful and deeply moving piece, one that is easily accessible, relatable, and undeniably raw.

Distinguished by a fusion of down-tuned guitar, ethereal echo strings, and resonant 808s, Lone Roman has curated a musical atmosphere uniquely its own. The song transports the audience into a realm where Lone Roman's artistry thrives, and every time it plays, it hits harder than before. You can stream ‘Know Better’ now on all your favourite streaming platforms now.

Combined with deep rolling sounds and subtle, glistening tones, ‘Know Better’ emerges from a quiet background of honest vocals and sweeping atmospheric worlds. Wonderfully immersive and steeped in addictive, melodic rap vibes, 'Know Better' is an eye-opening track that lands as a powerful wake-up call.

Lone Roman, the visionary behind the creation, recorded all instruments, wrote every lyric, and tuned the guitar to his favourite, the haunting drop C. With a desire to craft a sound both haunting and soothing, the artist invites listeners into a world where music becomes a storytelling medium.

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