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Luis Venganza & The Retribution – ‘If Looks Could Kill’

  • 2 min read

Described as a two-man band “on a mission to provide a soundtrack for the end of the world, Luis Venganza & The Retribution are arguably one of the darkest and most unique band’s that we’ve ever covered. Armed with a chaotic, but strangely enchanting sound that blurs the lines between new-age rap, heavy alt-rock, and damning pop-punk, they’re a band who hit hard and leave absolutely everything in their music.

While the duo have been carving their own cataclysmic path through the underground scene since 2020 when they dropped their debut single with Janak Joshi, it’s only recently that they’ve really become known, and more importantly, appreciated. Today, we’re championing one of the band’s latest and arguably greatest singles so far, a dark, howling anthem called ‘If Looks Could Kill’.

A release that twists and redefines what modern rock can be, ‘If Looks Could Kill’ hits with all the raw energy of a pop-punk classic, delivering a quick-stepping tempo, heaving calling guitar riffs and soaring choruses that explode in an instant. Musically, it’s a surprisingly and thoroughly exciting blend of familiar sounds, twisting core genres into a rapturous cacophony of spirited sounds.

Lyrically, the band make their mark with snarling, sensual lines like “If looks could kill then I'd be dead already, I'm a willing victim, you're the mercenary”, drawing a line between the more emotive elements and the bold, brash instrumentals that ebb and flow perfectly between chorus and verse.

Available now on Spotify and most major platforms, and as part of our official Spotify playlist for 2022, ‘If Looks Could Kill’ is a dark punk-rock gem from Luis Venganza & The Retribution, and it easily cements the band as one of the most exciting new discoveries of the year.

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