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Lukas Bjurström – ‘God Knows’

  • 2 min read

From rock to pop and timeless Americana to contemporary blues-rock, rising talent Lukas Bjurström has done it all. A multi-talented singer and free-spirited songwriter, Lukas has spent the last few years developing and refining his intoxicating sound, and now, with the release of his debut single ‘God Knows’, he’s taken modern indie to a whole new level.

While Lukas might have spent the last few years performing in various projects and musical ventures, it’s ‘God Knows’ that sees him stepping triumphantly into the spotlight, presenting a clear and brilliantly defined vision that illustrates exactly what he can do. Armed with a textured, organic sound that seamlessly shifts moves between stark 50's and 60's rock, early Americana and humble acoustics, the new single burns a desire to entertain, unite and inspire, perfectly encapsulating the spirit that Lukas brings with him.

A fine maelstrom of heavy drums, glistening guitars, and light calling organs, ‘God Knows’ taps into a timeless, but fiercely modern sound that creates the perfect platform for Lukas emotive vocals. Gritty, impassioned, and filled with an ensnaring rock ‘n’ roll charm, the song is an instant and ensuring hit that will touch the heart and soul of anyone who hears it.

Although the single holds to a truly universal sound, the message within is perhaps one of the most personal and evocative that you’ll hear this year, with Lukas calling out and trying to overcome the past in order to move forward. Speaking candidly, Lukas explained, “Above all, I want to entertain. To create memorable shows and live music, which entertains people, make them feel something special; something to draw inspiration from."

A creative spark aimed at inspiring others, Lukas’ music is all about letting people experience the extraordinary, and with singles like ‘God Knows’, he’s definitely doing just that. After spending years participating in various projects, the single is the first time that Lukas has gone solo, and he’s done it absolutely perfectly.

Alongside the new single, Lukas has also announced plans for his debut album, which is expected to be released this Autumn, while we’ll also get more samples in the form of singles from the album throughout the year.

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