Luna Marble - 'Mad World'

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A supercharged classic rock band from Manchester, UK, Luna Marble land with strong roots in blues and psychedelia, delivering their anthemic and stadium ready tunes straight to their audience. Radiating the power of Led Zeppelin, the grit of Soundgarden, the essence of Fleetwood Mac and the atmosphere of Pink Floyd, they're a fresh band make waves.

Founded in 2020, the band has released two explosive singles so far and have been gigging extensively. Most notably, they have recently undergone a mini tour in Denmark, played two sold out headline shows and started to fill out venues like Manchester Academy 3. Now, they're proud to share their third single, the brilliant 'Mad World'.

A power rock ballad narrating the hardships of being a young woman in a man’s world, the song was born from a series of frustrations and hardships about making it into the music scene. Led by the vocals of singer Maria, the single is a fierce single that shares her fiery passion about rock music with other musicians and with the public. Speaking about the single, Maria shared her journey with us, outlining the lack of trust and validation that young women in the music industry so often receive.

Maria recorded this track by herself and started asking musicians to session for her recordings, slowly building up into having the band we are nowadays. Adding to the single, the band continued, "We want to share our story and inspire other women into gaining the convince to make it."

Reminiscent of the raw energy of the 70s, Luna Marble’s passion and musicianship shines through their recorded tracks and live performances. As Cobra Promotion said, ‘If you’re on the hunt for contemporary rock acts that sound like they’ve come from the golden age of classic rock, Manchester newcomers Luna Marble are high on my list. If you want tight grooves, riffs galore and enchanting vocals, here it is on a plate. 

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