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M. Byrd - 'Gunslinger'

  • 1 min read

'Gunslinger' is the latest single by German artist M. Byrd, combining reflective lyrics with a raw and gritty musical composition.

Licks from an acoustic guitar and a vibey lead introduce the song, flowing seamlessly over a slow drum rhythm. The tones of the lead guitar play between low and high notes helping create a nice, emotional tapestry to the song. Half way through, the bass enters, giving weight to the track’s rhythm section.

The guitar continues to add pleasing but delicate textures, further padding out the arrangement. The guitar solo is a real highlight of 'Gunslinger' and adds a palpable sense of melancholy. The vocal performance on the track is intimate and reflective, and it beholds a nice authenticity to the entire production. The later inclusion of soft and airy background vocals enhance the atmosphere further.

On the lyrical and musical inspiration for the song the artist says, “One day, I was on the internet, and I stumbled on a pop-up… It said, ‘You can go to a Ukrainian embassy in Berlin and be at war in a few days to fight.’ I had been imagining guys and girls my age signing up, getting a weapon in their hands, and fighting away. It drove me crazy. I couldn’t imagine this was happening.”

M. Byrd’s 'Gunslinger' is a thoughtful composition that beautifully conveys emotion, not only through the lyrics, but also through the well-chosen guitar lines and textures. The song is moody, gritty, and definitely one not to miss.

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