Madoc Plane - 'Own Worst Enemy'

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Madoc Plane might be Western Australia’s best kept secret. His sound is polished, his vocal control dazzling, and his impressive songwriting expertly dances between pop, soul and jazz. His inimitable sound layers harmonies while ambient textures scratch the innermost parts of your brain.

This is his debut EP, following on from only three previous singles. There’s no doubt that this debut EP ‘Own Worst Enemy’ is a taste of a musician who plays to his strength and has truly struck sonic gold.

The EP sees Madoc Plane confront the inner workings of his tumultuous mind head on. Utterly introspective, he unpacks the nuanced experiences of self-doubt and overthinking in a cohesive and sonically moving 4-piece EP. Taking influence from the likes of Jordan Rakei, Matt Corby and The Weeknd, Madoc Plane creates a warm kaleidoscope of songs that nurture the soul.

Madoc explained, “The EP explores themes such as low self-esteem, anxiety, and overthinking. At the time of writing these songs I wasn’t my usual confident self, which I guess is displayed in the lyricism of the EP. I think that writing based on these self-critical themes was somewhat therapeutic for me, allowing me to be more honest with myself and to reflect on my experiences from a different perspective.”

This EP marks the third release of Madoc Plane since signing to Tone City Records (DICE, Nectar, Supathick) earlier this year. With vocals and drums recorded by Sam Ford (POND, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, Abbe May), at Tone City Recording Studio.

Madoc Plane undoubtedly has all the trappings of a neo-soul giant and groove master in the future to come. With an identifiable sound and strong team behind him, the Perth-based musician has tapped into a palpable power that will only grow the more he explores with future releases.

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