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Marian Hill - 'SPINNIN'

  • 2 min read

The latest single to be taken from Marian Hill's highly anticipated third studio album, 'SPINNIN' is a brilliant collaborative release from the combined talents of fellow stars Kemba and Steve Davit.

A brilliant single from the duo's forthcoming album, 'why can’t we just pretend?', 'SPINNIN' is a genre-defying single featureing velvety, seductive vocals, blazing saxophone soundscapes, and electrifying beats, all of which build into the ultimate romance banger dripping with swagger, independence and sexuality.

Before the pandemic, the duo of Sam and Jeremy had gotten so exhausted and jaded that for a moment they felt like they might walk away. Then the world ended. And for the first time in eight years they were apart. In those lost months they remembered how much Marian Hill meant to them, and meant to all their fans over the years. How the connection they found through their music was literally magic. And they knew they needed to finish this record. 

Marian Hill gave them the lives they'd always dreamt of, and kept them going during the worst year of their lives. When Samantha found herself turning thirty in her childhood bedroom and Jeremy suffered an onset of chronic pain in both of his wrists, the music they made gave them moments of joy to hold onto in a world full of uncertainty. For a few moments each day, they could get lost in a song, and pretend they were playing it for you.

Their duo's new album, 'why can’t we just pretend?' is set to drop this Spring, and includes the previously released singles “ooo (that’s my type)” featuring Baby Tate, “omg”, and “it never ends.”

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