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Markbombs - 'Going'

  • 2 min read

One of Chicago’s most spirited independent artists, Markbombs has kept the momentum going this year with the release of new single 'Going'

Available now on all major streaming services, the single is his latest effort to showcase his unique blend of hip-hop and rock music, and to inspire his fans to embrace their individuality. A single that sees Markbombs continuing to push boundaries and showcase his impressive skillset, ‘Going’ is a passionate and wonderfully self-aware release, capturing a more honest and evocative side to the lyricist and songwriter.

The track features futuristic beats and edgy lyrics that speak to Markbombs' determination to succeed. He raps about betting on himself and never letting anyone slow him down. While Markbombs has already had an impressive career so far, 'Going' shines as arguably his best work yet. The track is a perfect representation of his unique sound and showcases his ability to push boundaries.

Markbombs is not your typical artist. With a love for hip-hop, rock music, and skateboarding, he has created a unique sound that sets him apart from his peers. His latest single, 'Going' is a testament to his creativity and ability to blend genres seamlessly.

Perfectly illustrative of his now signature sound, ‘Going’ hits with a high energy sound that will have you ensnared in an instant, blending elements of hip-hop and rock to create a futuristic and edgy vibe. The song showcases Markbombs' impressive lyricism, as he raps about betting on himself and surpassing his opposition.

For more from Markbombs, be sure to check out his Spotify page, where he’s got an impressive string of releases available from the last few years, or head on over to his social media pages where you can find all the latest news about upcoming shows, releases, and more.

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