Martin Francisco - ‘Break Free’

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A solo musician and entertainer who has spent the last few decades writing music, singing songs, and entertaining thousands, Martin Francisco has recently shared his brand new album ‘Break Free’, a nine track collection of golden age pop sounds mixed with personal moments and acoustic textures. Available now on all major streaming platforms, it’s an album that sees Martin reflecting on his life and showing love for his family.

For over twenty years, Martin has made his mark as a professional singer, songwriter, and musician, creating emotive pop releases that hinge on his love of acoustic and electric guitar. A talented DJ, arranger, recording engineer, and producer, he has performed professionally in the Philippines, Japan, England, Ireland, the US and Canada, bringing his sound to the world. With the release of ‘Break Free’, Martin celebrates his fourth album in as many years, starting with his debut ‘Make a Stand’ in 2020.

Blending together modern and acoustic pop sounds, ‘Break Free’ is arguably Martin’s most personal release to date, with the talented artist giving a heartfelt glimpse into his life behind the music. Opening with ‘Go Dancing Tonight’, Martin delivers a smooth pop sound that is built on simple, joyful melodies and polished, reverb-soaked vocals. A track about taking a break and leaving your troubles behind, it’s an easy, enjoyable opening track that captures the heart of the album perfectly. As the second track begins, Martin switches his sound to a beautiful acoustic line, opening with new emotional depth as he croons, “My mind is saying no, my heart is saying yes.” It’s an enchanting change, and Martin does a brilliant job at making each moment in the track as heartfelt and honest as possible.

As the album continues, the interplay between modern pop and acoustic melodies continues, with Martin switching between the two seamlessly and exploring both sounds in gorgeous form. The title track sees Martin calling out to a friend experiencing depression, while ‘Katherine’, ‘I Will Carry You’, and ‘Feel Like Home’ land as caring odes to his family, adding deft personal touches and added substance to the pop sounds, complementing his compositions and creating a truly cohesive and personal release. You can stream the album below in full via Spotify.

Throughout the album, there’s a welcome sense of comfort and familiarity that remains almost ever-present. It’s the sign of a solid pop record, and Martin has done an impressive job at creating an album that will calm your nerves, lift your spirits, and have you feeling free from your daily struggles. While not reinventing the wheel or striving to push the genre into untrodden territory, ‘Break Free’ arrives as a wonderful meditation on life, reflecting on different emotions and focusing brightly on what really matters to us all.

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