Maya Hawke - 'Luna Moth'

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Maya Hawke has released ‘Luna Moth’, the latest single from her upcoming sophomore album 'MOSS'. Released last Friday via Mom+Pop, the LP includes the previously shared songs ‘Thérèse’ and ‘Sweet Tooth’.

Relating to the new single, Maya explained, “The story of 'Luna Moth' doesn’t belong to me. It was collected from a teacher I had in high school who told me a story of breaking a girl’s heart by killing a beautiful moth on her bathroom floor,”

She continued, “I wanted to find a way of describing how you can ruin everything without thinking. A mistake can break a heart and breaking someone else’s heart can break your own.”

Written by Maya, and in collaboration with Benjamin Lazar Davis, Christian Lee Hutson, and Will Graefe, 'MOSS' serves as Maya’s meditation on rebirth and acceptance. “This record is called 'MOSS' because I’ve been gathering a lot in the last few years,” Maya says of the album. “Sitting still and collecting a green blanket of memories and feelings. Making this record was me trying to get up and shake it off and look at all of it. It was the first step in untangling myself and really trying to look at the rock under the moss.”

You can stream and purchase 'MOSS' now.

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