Melita - 'Crystal Logic'

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With influences stretching from Raveena to Silk Sonic, and a sound and energy that prompts comparisons to artists including Parcels, Tom Misch and Vulfpeck, Sydney’s Melita is automatically coming through as a fresh name to keep an eye on.

With her new single, ‘Crystal Logic’, Melita kicks things up a notch and delivers a single that doubles as not only a beautiful piece of dripped-out soul/funk and R&B, but as a striking statement of intent. Keeping this process a family affair, Melita recorded ‘Crystal Logic’ with her brother, Alex Ertler, at their home studios in Sydney, with John Ertler (Renee Geyer, Doug Parkinson, Marty Rhone) mixing and mastering the track. As Melita describes, the song brought out a different side of her artistry.

Speaking of the new single, Melita explained, “The song title ‘Crystal Logic’  actually comes from the name of my Dad’s rock band from when he was a teenager. They landed on it by combining a popular ‘70s surf clothing brand, “Crystal Cylinders” and Steely Dan’s album, Pretzel Logic, who are a major musical influence on me too."

"Sonically, I am quite influenced by the ‘70s with this track fusing funk and disco with modern pop elements. After exploring a more mellow, soulful side in previous releases, I wanted to showcase a funkier, dance based side to my writing and production whilst still maintaining a heartfelt approach to my lyricism."

"Thematically, the song delves into the dangers of living a life ruled by other people’s emotions. Ultimately, I wanted the tone of the track to be celebratory as learning to listen to my needs and prioritise myself is something I’m getting better at.”

Alongside the release of ‘Crystal Logic’, Melita has also shared news of her long-awaited debut EP ‘Hearticulate’. Written in her bedroom, as an outlet to understand her feelings and ultimately herself, the EP is defined by the songwriting and production skills of herself and her brother Alex Ertler. The two siblings grew up on 70's soul, funk and rock, using those influences to create ‘Hearticulate’. The EP brings Melita's iconic vocals across 5 tracks, backed by lush soul, R&B, and funk rhythms.

Speaking further about the EP, Melita added, “This EP is a collection of songs that navigates through defining moments and realizations during my late teenhood to early adulthood. Themes of confusion, growth and matters of the heart litter these songs which were all written on my bedroom piano and recorded with my brother. I felt that “Hearticulate” was such a perfect term to encapsulate what this debut body of work is to me. I’ve always used songwriting as a tool for self-discovery - a way to sift through complex emotions and reveal illuminating truths.”

Melita has become a fixture on the Sydney R&B and soul scene, delivering two great singles in 2022 in ‘Delusional’ and ‘Hearticulate’, two tracks that began capturing attention with crowds and local industry.

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