Messy Mike – ‘Things Are Crazy’

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The musical personal of Miguel Nicolua, whom some may know as the drummer of the folk band The Town Bar, Messy Mike is a project forged from necessity. A charismatic and wonderfully earnest venture, the idea for Messy Mike first blossomed in Poland, where Miguel was asked to describe himself with one word containing the first letter of his name.

Since then, the project has become a rolling wave of ideas, inspirations, and deeply human moments, with Miguel writing the songs, not simply for fun, but as a way to endure. Speaking about the music behind Messy Mike, he explained, “it's more than therapy, it keeps me alive." Through songs like ‘Paranoid’ and ‘Goin’ Home’, Miguel has shown how he can fight his demons in an honest and true way, picking up the guitar and working hard to make peace.

In his latest spotlight single, ‘Things Are Crazy’, Miguel returns to familiar roots, looking into the dark nagging thoughts that exist within us all, and trying hard to reconcile with them. Through layered instrumentals, gentle acoustics, and sweeping organ tones, Miguel has created a song that is laid-back, yet wonderfully engaging, offering raw production and an honest sound that holds you tenderly in its spell. His vocals are rustic, but charming, creating a heartfelt connection that shines in lyrics like “I don’t want to change the world, I’m okay with just changing myself.”

Available now backed by ‘Paranoid’ as part of an impressive two-track EP, ‘Things Are Crazy’ is a single that may not have the same commercial appeal as more polished indie songs, but definitely has the heart and soul to endure.

Speaking about the single, Miguel added, “sometimes it's hard to deal with the voice in the back of your head telling you that you are not achieving your goals. Actually, it's just your soul reminding you that you need to get back on track.”

You can stream ‘Things Are Crazy’ above via Spotify, or head on over to our annual Spotify playlist where it’s streaming alongside a string of other great releases from the year so far. For more from Messy Mike, be sure to connect with him via his social media links below.

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