Micko Roche – ‘Sióg’

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A songwriter, composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist based in the heart of Waterford, Ireland, Micko Roche has recently unveiled his brand new EP, the mystic ‘Sióg’. An immersive collection of five tracks, which includes four reworks and fresh interpretations of the EP’s title track, it’s a release that is as much a concept piece as it is an artful introduction to the rising talent.

The concept for the EP comes from a piece of music entitled The Dance of the Fairy which Micko composed for a contemporary dance adaptation of a children’s book. Each piece on the EP represents a life stage of the mythical creature. Track one ‘Sióg (Tús)’, is a stripped-back ambient piano version of the original piece and is the Dawning of a new life. For track two, Kaya Keating provides violin on ‘Sióg (Saol)’ which represents Life, the freedom of living. 

Track three ‘Sióg (Contráth)’ reworked by Jessie Roche is the twilight of life, the Dusk. A minimal electronic remix, it is the pivot of the EP with uplifting and soothing vibes, also featuring beautiful vocals from Jessie. Track four ‘Sióg (Fáigáil)’ is the Departure. John Haggis (Speckled Doves, Band Of Clouds, Emperor of Ice Cream) writes and performs a melancholic ambient Indie anthem, ‘The Last Goodbye’. For the bonus track ‘Sióg (Fágáil)’ The Last Goodbye Haggis has added soaring guitars and an extra chorus which plays out beautifully as a final piece.

A gorgeous new release that carries with it four profoundly detailed compositions purposely named in the Gaelic language, the music of Micko Roche spans over so many genres that it’s difficult to encompass them all in one listening. His music is unquestionably difficult to classify into the singular genre, mainly because of the spectre of his musical interests, which are all present in his compositions. ‘Sióg’ offers Roche‘s perspective on cinematic ambient, decorated with several other genres, such as drone, Irish folk, electronic, chillout, and post-rock.

Hailing from Waterford, Micko’s unique blend of chilled out grooves and live instruments come together beautifully to create a soul-soothing Balearic experience that is perfectly backed by his background in live performance. Micko found his passion for studio production and sound engineering and pursuing his love for writing and production released several successful projects under his solo artist project, gaining attention from media as well the international Balearic music community. 

‘Sióg’ is available now on streaming platforms such as SpotifyBandcampSoundcloud, and YouTube.

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