Monotronic Returns with 'Sun Song', The First Single from Upcoming Sophomore Album

New York-based indie rock band Monotronic, known for their pure adrenaline sound, have returned with their new single 'Sun Song'. This marks their first release since 2022 and serves as the lead single from their highly anticipated sophomore album, 'Waiting For You', due in early 2025.

Guitarist and producer Ramsey Elkholy, the visionary behind Monotronic, revealed that the song's opening riff had been brewing for months before the lyrics and concept fell into place. "I think I was riffing on Nirvana's 'All Apologies' initially," he shared, "which then morphed into something else." The final product, with lyrics like "I don't want to lose a minute of sleep, lying in bed and wondering what could have been," is a testament to Elkholy's unique creative process.

The song embodies Monotronic's collective ethos, a reflection of Elkholy's experiences living in communal societies in India and Indonesia. "Monotronic is a concept," Elkholy explains, "whereby each instrument can be heard as a continuation of the other and the music sounds as one distinct whole, emanating from a single source."

This ethos has garnered the band accolades from Relix Magazine, IM Music Magazine, EDM Movement, Hype Magazine, and Rock Cellar, among others. Their previous work, particularly the singles 'Kids of Summer' and 'Buy Yourself a Dream' enjoyed significant radio play and topped VEVO's Incoming Indie playlist.

With 'Sun Song', Monotronic continues to blend diverse cultural influences into their sound. The track is an exciting preview of what's to come from their forthcoming album, 'Waiting For You'. Stay tuned as the band releases more material throughout 2024, building anticipation for their next full-length project.

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