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Naldooo is an Indonesian singer, songwriter, and producer based in our hometown of Sydney, Australia. A blossoming creative force, he’s currently championing the recent release of his debut mixtape, ‘NIGHTBUTTERFLY’.

A rising talent with a distinctive sound, Naldooo is making himself known through incorporating post-emo revival sound with hip-hop and contemporary trap tracks. A DIY star, Naldooo writes, records, and producer all his own work, while also designing his own artworks to accompany the music.

Released on the 15th of May this year, ‘NIGHTBUTTERLY’ is Naldooo’s most ambitious project to date. His debut mixtape and first fully realised project, it’s a collection of eight distinct tracks that capture his vision and essence perfectly. With an overarching sound that arrives as a deft combination between early 2000’s emo and modern hip-hop, Naldooo has managed to place himself firmly at the forefront of Sydney’s post-emo revival scene.

For listeners of alternative music and fans of XXXTentacion and the sadly missed Lil Peep, the ‘NIGHTBUTTERLY’ project will come as a brilliant new beginning.

Stream the ‘NIGHTBUTTERLY’ project above, and grab your own copy from Naldooo’s Bandcamp page.

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