Newcomer Young Jopey's ‘Time Running’ Shines As An Ode To Chasing Your Dreams

An artist on the rise with a message of unwavering determination, Young Jopey has made his mark with the release of his debut five-track EP, ‘Time Running’. A release that radiates the raw energy of someone relentlessly pursuing their passion, it’s a short, but powerful collection steeped in modern hip-hop and RnB vibes.

The EP launches headfirst into ‘Time Wit It’, a building, melodic clash of rap and RnB influences. It's a slow build, fuelled by quickstepping beats and auto-tuned vocals that steadily rise toward a cathartic crescendo. In second cut, ‘Divet Dance’ Young Jopey maintains a similar feel, adding a more introspective touch thanks to a slower tempo and snippets of atmospheric sound.

The true standout comes with  ‘Focus’, a melodic guitar intro and the emphatic refrain of "I'm just gonna keep trying" instantly set the song, and perhaps the entire EP, apart. It's here that Young Jopey's core message about perseverance rings loudest. "This EP called ‘Time Running’ is all about get up and go, and pushing through whatever you’re going through. Whenever you have passion for something, go hard for it and always love what you’re doing no matter if someone else has something to say about it" says Jopey about the project.

In the closing tracks, ‘Way of Love’ and ‘Out The Speaker’, Young Jopey rounds out the EP with two energetic bursts of sound. This pair provides ample evidence of Young Jopey's potential for crafting infectious, dynamic songs.

Overall, ‘Time Running’ is an ambitious debut that perfectly illustrates Young Jopey’s power and ambition. His clear desire to push boundaries and experiment with his sound is on full display. While there's room for refinement, the EP is a compelling listen for fans seeking a dose of raw, unfiltered motivation told through a unique musical lens.

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