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Nick Panchuk – ‘Destined to be Mine’

  • 2 min read

For avid readers of our pages, you’re likely already well acquainted with the talented Nick Panchuck. A wonderfully talented performer, he first appeared on our radar last year with the release of ‘Frozen Tears’, a mesmerising cut that was utterly captivating, perfectly layering sharp melodies and profound, self-assured lyrics. Now, he’s back in the spotlight and sounds more confident than ever, dazzling fans and critics alike with the gorgeous ‘Destined to be Mine’.

A brilliant slice of gleaming electro-pop, ‘Destined to be Mine’ is everything we’ve come to expect from Nick and more, revelling in bright melodies, intoxicating rhythms, and a vibrant sense of self that shines through every moment. Instilled with charm, the song asks the question, what would happen if Nick truly met ‘the one’ and how would that situation build and develop? The idea is a tantalising one that became real for the songwriter recently, and in true form, he’s embraced a positive perspective and emotional maturity to make his new single something truly special.

Armed with sweet, inspirational vibes that build through light, airy synths and a confident pop melody, ‘Destined to be Mine’ hits that sweet spot between shining pop and dazzling electronica. Throughout, there’s a brilliant sense of love and understanding, with Nick laying down heartfelt vocals like “Cause you’re destined to be mine, and we’re destined to be here, everything will be just fine when our feeling is so clear.”

An artist who has been building his direct and authentic style for a few years now, Nick has taken inspiration from a number of genres with his new track, carving out a diverse piece that shines with some brilliant elements of timeless pop, modern electronica, and deep, human moments.

With his new single, Nick has delivered more than just a good pop song, he’s created a heartfelt message that will resonate deeply with people and tell an emotive story, and it definitely deserves to be celebrated.

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