Noah Singer – ‘Sunrise’

Noah Singer, one of the latest rising artists to take on the music industry, has been steadily making a name for himself over the past few years, burning brightly across South Florida and delivering his contemporary soul sound to the world. After winning over fans and critics alike with his debut single ‘Journey’, which has now gained over 100,000 streams, Noah is back to conquer 2021 with the brilliant ‘Sunrise’.

A song about trying to overcome a rough patch in a relationship, ‘Sunrise’ is a rare musical gem, one that perfectly balances relatable yet thought-provoking lyrics with smooth intimate sounds, drawing you in and in time, transforming your point of view. Filled with heart and well-earned wisdom, the single is hopeful, heartbreaking, and undeniably enjoyable, delivering a positive and reassuring message that is artfully backed by a mix of smooth RnB and pop elements.

“It is encouraging them to just look forward to the next day, so they can be at their best; therefore, we can thrive together,” Noah explains. “I think that people may have their own interpretation of the song, but that is exactly what I like to do with my music.”

Working once again with J Grooves and Cameron Dietz, who serve as producer and executive producer respectively, ‘Sunrise’ sees Noah continuing to explore the same sounds and emotions as in his previous records, creating a natural progression that his listeners can easily tap into. A perfect illustration of Noah’s uniquely harmonious sound, it’s easy to see ‘Sunrise’ being another massive hit.

Available now on all major platforms, including Spotify above, ‘Sunrise’ is the sound of Noah at his most free and honest, and it’s all the more impressive for it. The perfect soundtrack for tough times and hard moments, ‘Sunrise’ casts a mellow, comforting vibe that will help your worries melt away.

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