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Oly Sherman - ‘Dancin’ in the Rain’

  • 2 min read

Oly Sherman basks in the beauty of the everyday in latest single ‘Dancin’ in the Rain’. A beautiful, vulnerable display of strength, Oly’s sumptuous vocal tones take us on a journey of pure joy and artistry. Speaking to his philosophy of enjoying the simple pleasures of life, Oly’s confident vocals exude a power that draws you in. Soulfully dancing over luxurious jazz instrumentation, the result is nothing short of exceptional.

Pulling aural influences from international favourites Daniel Ceasar, Omar Apollo and Loyle Carner, and closer to home with Tash Sultana, Kaiit, and Matt Corby. Sherman’s aurally decadent soundscapes are nestled in between that beautiful space of soul-fused jazz and RnB. Slightly more stripped back then previous releases, Oly showcases his confidence in his experimentation, leaning more heavily into the late night jazz dive bar, spotlighting his vocals.

Oly explained, “'Dancin’ In The Rain' is about enjoying the little things and getting out of your own head. The rain is a symbol for doing things that aren't necessarily comfortable at first, but doing them because of the valuable people around you, and the ultimate joy of jumping in.”

‘Dancin’ in the Rain’ sees airy synths, a deliciously grooving baseline, andfluttering sporadic keys work in harmony, elevating Olys honeyed vocal tones. The shining strength of this single is the crooning, saxophone solo that brings to life the feeling of walking through Paris at midnight under spheres of illumination from weathered street lamps.

Like previous releases, ‘Dancin’ in the Rain’ was recorded at Sherman’s home studio, with final touches applied at A-Sharp Studios. The single was then refined by both Oly Sherman and engineer Daniel Natoli. 

Since releasing his first single in 2017, Sherman has carved out a devout following of listeners yearning for his soul-laden songs. In that time he has seen break-out success from single ‘Homeboy’ which accumulated 120k+ streams alongside a steady fan base of monthly listeners on Spotify that hovers at around 20k, Oly Sherman has proven his dynamism in spades.

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