Parmy Dhillon – ‘My Summer Hits and Anxiety Anthems’

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Over the last few months, Melbourne’s own Parmy Dhillon has been surprising and entertaining us with a string of impressive singles, from the alt-pop balladry of ‘Even If I’ and the modern folk sounds of ‘Remember’, to the wonderfully orchestrated passages of his latest collaborative single, ‘Diamonds’. It’s been an intoxicating ride, pushing Parmy’s sound and songwriting further than ever, and now, it’s all culminated in the brilliant new EP, ‘My Summer Hits and Anxiety Anthems’.

A seven-track collection that includes his previous singles from the year alongside a handful of new cuts, the new EP is a celebration of the many highs and lows of recent years, capturing all the best and worst moments in beautiful audio. Influenced by the likes of Bob Dylan, Tom Petty and Blind Melon, Parmy brings his passion, skill, and authenticity to each track, crafting a fresh, alternative vein whilst also retaining that comforting feeling of nostalgia that we’ve all come to love.

As with all the songs that Parmy has treated us to this year, ‘My Summer Hits and Anxiety Anthems’ delivers a nostalgic, familiar, and comforting without feeling stale or tired, and in true form, each song presents a fresh take on an old tradition, twisting tried and true forms around his own creative spark. The authenticity and earnestness of Parmy’s approach can be heard clearly in his songwriting, revealing a deeply sensitive artist invested in the health not only of himself but also of his listeners and the wider world.

His first full release since 2020, the new EP is a brilliant showcase of Parmy’s talents and a powerful project that truly deserves to be heard. You can stream it today on all your favourite platforms.

Seeking an escape from the hardships of life, Parmy originally turned towards creativity as a teenager growing up in Shepparton, Victoria writing poems, stories, and songs. Now ten years later Parmy Dhillon’s ultimate goal is to leave a legacy that represents his journey as an artist, songwriter and survivor, and give a voice to his generation.

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