Peyton – ‘TERMINAL 5’

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A talented Detroit artist who has been carving a unique path through the underground scene, Peyton is unlike anyone you would have met so far. A multi-instrumentalist who writes and produces all her own music, Peyton’s music doesn’t conform to any one genre, blending styles freely to create a truly contemporary sound.

After being diagnosed with fibromyalgia at a young age, Peyton has used her music to communicate how she feels to the world, creating an emotive and wonderfully heartfelt sound that links her to the world around her. One of her most poignant and powerful releases so far, ‘TERMINAL 5’ is a perfect illustration of Peyton’s sound, delivering a modern pop sound that is honest, undeniably painful, and yet wonderfully powerful.

For the new single, Peyton has turned some of her most painful and private moments into a gorgeous new release, one that shines with emotion and gives a voice to some of her most authentic and vulnerable experiences. Speaking about the release and her diagnosis of fibromyalgia, Peyton explained, “There are no days where I’m without pain, but there are better days than others.”

She continued, “It’s a nerve condition where you’re basically in pain all the time. You’re fatigued. Everybody is a little bit different. For me, when I get sick, it knocks out my whole body. Because ... when you are in pain and you look like you’re in pain, it’s uncomfortable for people to be around.”

Peyton added that her music is therapeutic for her and helps her through some of those tougher days. If you’d like to hear more of her music, it’s available on all streaming services.

As for what’s next for Peyton, she plans to release a new single every month this year. She also hopes to one day start a charity for children and adults living with chronic pain.

You can stream ‘TERMINAL 5’ above via Spotify, and as part of our official Spotify playlist for 2022, which features the single alongside a string of impressive new releases from some of the year’s best new artists.

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