Psychoid & Year 2087 – ‘Live by the Beat’

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Recently, we were fortunate enough to hear the Psychoid and Year 2087 doing what they do best on the semi-eponymous single ‘Psychoid’. It was a track that elevated modern rap, twisting its style into something bold and brilliant, and today, it seems that lightning has struck twice, with the pair announcing another invigorating track that is titled ‘Live by the Beat’.

Released on No Trend Records, the same label behind their duo’s last collaboration, ‘Live by the Beat’ is a welcome return to the hazy, creative world that Psychoid and Year 2087 have created. While their last track saw Year 2087 producing and Psychoid taking vocals, the new cut has them taking a more equal weight, shouldering both responsibilities in a colourful back and forth.

As the track fades into focus, it does so with noticeable industrial vibes, one that forms through a curated stream of stark tones, laying a foundation for some heavily modulated vocals and a relentless, rhythmic sound. From the start, the track draws you in, creating a dark hip-hop sound that expands brilliantly from its central melody.

As the track reaches its height, both Psychoid and Year 2087 take turns on vocals, pivoting the track to more straightforward rap territories. Together, the pair trade the spotlight perfectly, shifting the tension and style with confidence as they make their mark on the track. It’s a straight-shooting release from there, never faltering as they trade the mic, shining through a field of flickering sounds and pulsating beats. Together, they work seamlessly, elevating each other’s verse and creating a unique aural experience that is more accessible than its predecessor but still far more distinct and creative than anything in the mainstream.

A triumphant follow-up to ‘Psychoid’, the new cut is further proof of Psychoid and Year 2087’s talents, both as individual artists, and as a powerful collaborative force. The only question now is what’s next to come.

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