Rob Pluto – ‘D’Angeelo Russel’

A young, but confident new talent from the San Francisco Bay Area, Rob Pluto has been burning a hole in Spotify ever since he uploaded his first track midway through December last year. A multi-genre artist, podcaster, producer, engineer, music video filmmaker, and editor who boasts have made over one thousand tracks, Rob can rap in three languages, and clearly knows what it takes to be successful. While just nineteen-years-old, he’s already become one of the hottest independent talents of the hip-hop scene, carving a unique path through music with the help of some truly killer tracks.

His debut release, and arguably one of this most impressive, ‘D’Angeelo Russel’ surfaced online late last year, and since then it has not stopped growing. A four-track affair filled with deep, melodic tones, visceral flow, and some quick-fire imagery, it’s built a reputation for Rob that won’t be forgotten anytime soon. A testament to the release, lead singles ‘Kid with A Dream’ and ‘Miss Shirley’ have already soared past 30,000 streams combined, and that’s just on Spotify alone.

Available now on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, and Amazon, ‘D’Angeelo Russel’ has all the potential to be a worldwide hit, breaking boundaries and flitting through styles with a seamless style and plenty of talent. Along with the success of the EP, the stellar ‘Kid with A Dream’ has also become one of our featured releases on Spotify, earning a coveted spot on our ‘Best of 2021’ playlist.

Check out the full EP below via Spotify and be sure to spread it far and wide so Rob can get all the recognition that he so clearly deserves.

A talent to watch, Rob Pluto is on the verge of becoming an international name, and now, with the release of his debut album ‘FLY’, along with a stream of exclusive singles, he’s about to become one of the biggest names in modern hip-hop.

For all enquiries, requests and features, hit Rob up via email at, and you can follow him now on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram so you never miss a release.

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