Romeo Walker - 'Mood'

WAM Award winner and talented multi-instrumentalist Benjamin Witt has sauntered back into the spotlight with ‘Mood’, a briliant new single that sees him starting a new era and performing under the Romeo Walker moniker, for the very first time. 

At atmospheric epic, ‘Mood’ sees the acclaimed Australian musician returning to the spotlight with a collection of new songs and a further development of his exploratory approach to music. Renowned for initial work in The Chemist and two solo LPs (touring with Methyl Ethel & The Drones), demand for his studio prowess led to Pond, Empire of The Sun, and Meg Mac, all seeking collaboration.

‘Mood’ is a smooth track that employs modal harmony, futuristic guitar tones and textural percussion to create an otherworldly noir-esque composition with a contemporary proclivity. Crafting this piece one night in his home studio with a bottle of red, a crate of percussion, effect pedals and a vocal transformer. 

Post-composition, Benjamin Witt aligned with close friend & producer Sam Ford (Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, POND, Abbe May) to record what would become ‘Mood’, lining up Tone City Records for the release in the process.

He explained, “Mood is a modal tune & a sonic sketch of a modern mood. I don’t know why I made it but an orange tree doesn’t know why it makes oranges, it just makes oranges & is indifferent to how it’s oranges are received.“

“I composed the piece in my home studio one night after work whilst appreciating a bottle of red. I then re-recorded all the parts at Tone City Recording Studio with Sam Ford behind the desk & Alex Reid (Grievous Bodily Calm) on the kit. It was a pretty smooth process really.”

For an artist typically most comfortable in the confines of their studio, Romeo Walker will be performing for the first time in a long time. Celebrating iconic Perth recording studio Tone City (Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, POND, Birds of Tokyo) where ‘Mood’ was recorded, he’ll be performing at Perth’s Mojo’s Bar alongside Siobhan Cotchin, Claudie Joy, and Sugar Army to round out the Christmas festivities.

Benjamin added, “I’ll be playing the Tone City Christmas Party in December. I haven’t played live for a long time so it may well be disastrous. Sugar Army are playing also, who were one of the best bands in town when I was 19 exploring the local scene. They blew my young mind.”

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