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Born and in Switzerland, RONI realised early on that music was something special to him. Drawn by an instant connection, he took singing lessons as a child, building his range and laying the foundation for his unique creative vision. It wasn’t until this year that we first got a glimpse of RONI’s using, RnB-infused style, but the rising star made sure that the wait was well worth it, lashing out with the triumphant ‘U AINT MINE’, and his latest stellar single, ‘BACK IN TIME’.

A front-runner in the new age of RnB, RONI’s sound was heavily inspired by hip-hop, RnB, alt-rap, and more, and as a child, he would consume all the music and sounds he could find. While his music is fiercely modern and built to inspire, his lyrics are often more introspective, built from his own experiences and shining with hard-earned wisdom. Dependent on his mood, you can never really be sure what to expect from RONI, but you can be sure that whatever he releases, it will always be steeped heavy, wonderfully personal moments.

For ‘BACK IN TIME’, RONI has channelled his more honest and raw connections, delivering a deft fusion of hip-hop, RnB, and modern trap that is fiercely original, while also undeniably nostalgic. Layering vintage waves and contemporary beats, the track is a perfect illustration of RONI’s style, breathing life and colour into his words and embodying his ideals.

Speaking openly about his music, RONI admitted, “music is the way I can express myself and show who I am. It's my therapy,” and with ‘BACK IN TIME’, we can all find a little piece of solace.

Available now on all major channels, as well as on our very own annual Spotify playlist, ‘BACK IN TIME’ is an enduring anthem from RONI, and it marks him as one of the new year’s most promising new talents.

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