Sarah Yagki - 'Wanted More'

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Returning to fans and newcomers alike with her first single release for 2022, Sarah Yagki offers up some of her most defining material to date in ‘Wanted More’.

As with the music we saw Sarah debut through 2021, ‘Wanted More’ continues to showcase the Sydney artist’s natural songwriting talent and vocal flair. Bringing together open and honest lyricism with primo production and R&B arrangements, this new single operates in a lane inhibited by the likes of BANKS, Alessia Cara and more recently, artists like FKA twigs.

On ‘Wanted More’, Sarah reconnected with frequent collaborators James Guido and Klaus Hill, recording the track at Obseen Recordings in St. Leonards, NSW. Of the new song, Sarah describes feelings of insecurity and emotional unease as she navigates territory unknown in a new relationship.

Speaking openly about the new single, Sarah explained, "‘Wanted More’ is a song about the fear of repeating toxic habits in a relationship, both from the new partner and yourself. It explores the uncertainty of diving into a new relationship, whilst past trauma, experiences and fears still linger."

She continued, "The process of making music started with me creating a chord progression that I then put a melody over. The melody for ‘Wanted More’ came from me trying to communicate in the simplest way to a partner how I am feeling throughout the journey of this new relationship. “I wanted more, I wanted more” is both me saying that to myself and my partner. The lyrics are narrative-based, with the Verse 1 exploring what I fear I will do, and the Verse 2 exploring what I fear the partner won’t do. Overall, ‘Wanted More’ is a song to help bring to light uncertainty.”

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