Seán R. McLaughlin & The Wind-Up Crows share new single ‘Wishing Well’

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Seán R. McLaughlin & The Wind-Up Crows have once again struck gold with their latest single, 'Wishing Well'. Following the resounding success of 'The Ninewells' EP, the band returns with a track that effortlessly blends folk influences with indie-rock sensibilities, resulting in a truly captivating musical experience.

Produced and mixed by the talented Andy Monaghan of Frightened Rabbit fame, 'Wishing Well' is a family affair, featuring award-winning singer-songwriter Lewis McLaughlin alongside Seán himself. This collaboration not only showcases the musical prowess of the McLaughlin cousins but also highlights their shared vision for creating heartfelt and introspective music.

At its core, 'Wishing Well' delves into the modern-day dilemma of feeling overwhelmed by the constant presence of social media and digital connectivity. The song beautifully captures the longing to escape from this digital noise, yearning for simplicity and solitude in a world dominated by virtual interactions.

As Seán explained, “…it started as a character song about this person who just wants to disappear, but knows it’s almost impossible these days…finding the constant sense of being observed, and the daily data capture that takes place in most of our lives, a bit overwhelming and unhealthy…"

What sets this track apart is its ability to strike a chord with listeners on a deeply personal level. Seán's poignant lyrics, coupled with the band's rich instrumentation, create a sonic landscape that feels both nostalgic and timely. The soulful melodies and infectious hooks draw the listener in, inviting them to reflect on their own relationship with technology and the longing for genuine human connection.

'Wishing Well' serves as a tantalizing preview of what's to come from Seán R. McLaughlin & The Wind-Up Crows, with their forthcoming album, 'Goodnight Lad', set to release on May 3rd, 2024. Available for pre-order in limited edition transparent blue vinyl and CD formats, this album promises to be a must-have for fans of folk-infused indie rock.

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