Sentinel Events - ‘Poor Historian’

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A Florida-based, lo-fi and indie artist, Sentinel Events has arrived on our radar with one of the most inspired and captivating concept albums of the year. Stitching together his two vocations of musician and clinician, Sentinel Events uses his album as a way to explore the world through medically-themed passages and sonically charged beats.

As an album, ‘Poor Historian’ delivers into the medical world freely, beginning early with the title and artistic moniker. Two terms that relate to issues with a patient’s care and someone who can’t give a clear account of their symptoms, Sentinel Events and ‘Poor Historian’ speak clearly to the album's concept, delivering a body of work composed of failed relationships, flawed perceptions, life events, and satirical clinical interactions.

Combining various musical, poetic, field recording and voice-acting collaborations that support Sentinel Event’s lyrical retellings, the album is a complex exploration of tender sounds and moving, emotional verse. In focus single ‘Same Clothes’, a sorrowful, introspective-duet with vocalist Elay VanBoer, Sentinel Events bravely explores the over-thinking, obsessive thought-patterns that occur when reminiscing on distant, failed relationships, while elsewhere he delves into sweeping, almost bitter spoken word poetry on ‘Narcissist Cicatrix’, and confessional, melodic rock sounds on ‘Sentient & Sentimental’.

Built around a focused and reflective mindset, the album is a cathartic and wonderfully honest experience, offering a raw perspective that fills every composition. Available now on all major streaming services, ‘Poor Historian’ is an album that deserves all the attention and praise you can give.

On Album Of The Year, ‘Poor Historian’ has already been given favourable reviews, and it’s easy to understand why. Offering a diverse range of emotive sounds and engaging elements, it's an album that is original, evocative, and wonderfully poignant, delivering an honest story that will touch even the coldest of hearts.

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