Shiloh, Forever explores new creative horizons with 'The Man After Dark'

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Emerging singer-songwriter Shiloh, Forever expands his creative horizons with his haunting new project, 'The Man After Dark', a brilliant two-song collection that shows his evolution as an artist. While his debut release showcased stark indie-folk sensibilities, 'The Man After Dark' embraces a more experimental, emotionally charged atmosphere that the artist has described as "sleep rock."

The two tracks, 'The Man After Dark' and 'La Lune' intertwine seamlessly, creating a ten-minute sonic descent into heartbreak and existential angst. Throughout, Shiloh, Forever demonstrates his multifaceted talent by writing, performing, and producing the bulk of the project. This raw, intimate approach has become a signature of his work, but in the new project, Shiloh, Forever also demonstrates his collaborative spirit, joining forces with Berklee College of Music alumni Mike Chapin (drums) and Eli Torgerson (bass), as well as Tucker Bickell who served as sound engineer and production aide.

The seeds for 'The Man After Dark' were planted during a sleepless, starlit walk near Roers' rural Minnesota childhood home. The emotional fallout from a recent breakup, coupled with an existential unease, sent him on a soul-searching journey that would fuel his creativity. Upon returning to his home in Dorchester, MA, those raw emotions blossomed into the project's foundation.

As Shiloh, Forever explained, "I was in an almost manic state at the time, and creating the songs was a way to try to process my emotions. I was relying on drastic measures to fall asleep and was unable to turn off the noise. Sometimes I would just skip a night’s sleep entirely. I wanted to make something that felt like it was moving in slow motion because I think that’s what I needed most then: to be able to slow down and breathe. Working on the songs and listening back to them in bed was one of the few things that helped. I think that’s how I knew when they were ready: when they had that dissociative, lullaby-like effect.”

The demos were recorded alone by Roers in his small apartment in Dorchester, MA, during a month of nocturnal seclusion before leaving his hideaway to create the final versions. Inspired by a clear night’s walk while visiting his former home outside of Alexandria, MN, Shiloh, Forever’s second release begins with the story of two disconnected lovers seeking answers in the stars, and unwinds into a lonely, reminiscent love song to the moon.

'The Man After Dark' encapsulates the struggle of finding light within personal darkness. Fans of Shiloh, Forever will be pleased to see his growth as an artist while being drawn into this new, more experimental soundscape.

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