Shius – ‘Antipsychotics’

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An enigmatic talent from Toronto, Canada, Shius has drifted between the alternative rock and post-hardcore scenes for years now, carving her own path through the independent scene with grit and determination. While Shius’ hasn’t revealed much about her history, she’s let slip a few ambiguous lines, giving a few subtle glimpses into her story. In her own words, Shius is “a person that used to make music with singing robots”, and “just another girl in a mask shouting life's sorrows into a mic”, and yet, in just one listen to new single ‘Antipsychotics’, you know there’s far more hiding beneath the surface.

With the release of ‘Sunrise’ in 2016, Shius perfectly encapsulated her raw sound and uncompromising style, leading with a heartfelt dedication to her friends and anyone that has been the victim of abuse, bullying and PTSD. Fast-forward four years, and Shius is just as impressive and passionate as ever, launching her debut album on October 7th this year in celebration of her 24th birthday.

A twelve-track release that features about involuntary hospitalization, coping with mental illness, and moving on despite past traumas, ‘Fragments of Myself’ is an uncompromising dive into Shius’ dark creative space. Resounding with sharp elements of rap, rock, and atmospheric indie, the album comes complete with the message that you should never deny your truth.

One of the album’s many highlights, ‘Antipsychotics’ is perhaps Shius’ most honest and evocative release to date. Available now on Spotify, Bandcamp and all major platforms, ‘Antipsychotics’ artfully blends powerful, dark melodies with deeply introspective lyrics, and even a hint of the Lord’s Prayer, crating a brilliant blend of sounds and styles that few people will be able to deny.

You can tune into ‘Antipsychotics’ above or on our Spotify playlists, along with the full album by clicking here. Be sure to check out Shius’ social media pages and give her a follow so you never miss a release.

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