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We will be away from the 13th of May until the 6th of June. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

SirenBlue takes a swipe at modern culture with inspired new album ‘Hit Like and Carry On’

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SirenBlue has never been a band content to rest on their laurels. From the catchy yet introspective power-pop of their early works to the matured sound of ‘Same but Different’, they've consistently challenged expectations. Now, the UK band have unleashed their brand-new album, ‘Hit Like and Carry On’, a vibrant sonic exploration that perfectly pairs thought-provoking subject matter with SirenBlue's signature infectious melodies.

Painting a sonic world that crackles with attitude, the new album is a heady collision of alt-rock's defiant swagger and the sweeping beauty of melodic rock, seasoned with a rebellious streak. An electric mix that fires on all cylinders, ‘Hit Like and Carry On’ delivers eleven vibrant anthems where gritty riffs meet ethereal soundscapes in a maelstrom of new and innovative ways. It’s this eclecticism in the album that becomes central to its success, resulting in a refreshingly and thoroughly enjoyable sound that is enhanced by their adventurous spirit.

A central theme in the album, exemplified by the title, SirenBlue take aim at the superficiality of social media culture, offering poignant observations on life, society, and the way people interact in the modern age. Through opening song ‘Out of Here’, the band sets the stage perfectly, showcasing a futuristic blend of delay-drenched guitars with electronic beats. It's a taste of things to come, delivering dynamic shifts and layered instrumentation that perfectly complement one another.

Elsewhere on the album, ‘Empty’ arrives as a hard-hitting, rock-centric track showcasing the band's ability to shift gears with ease, while ‘Echo Chamber’ sees them delving further into analogue synth textures, recalling classic Juno 60 tones, while maintaining a modern indie-folk foundation. Their innovative spirit and hybrid style are on full display through songs like ‘Live a Lie’ and ‘Obsolete’, carving out hints of reggae and dub rhythm along with a touch of 90s Britpop. It’s a kaleidoscopic and wonderfully engaging blend, with SirenBlue continuing to push boundaries through ‘Lonely’, ‘At Night’, and the closing, wistfully cinematic ‘Follow Your Heart’.

A seminal record that builds a wonderfully vibrant and dynamic world, showcasing SirenBlue's strengths and ability to seamlessly fuse disparate elements into stellar musical moments. This isn't mere eclecticism for the sake of it, but a kind of evolved musicianship that is truly compelling.

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