St. Laviathan – ‘Sunset’

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It’s been a while since we last heard from the great St. Laviathan, but as his new track proves he’s been far from idle. After leaving us holding out for more with the release of ‘Saint Shot Ya’ last year, and after recently promising the release of his hugely anticipated debut album, we’ve had all eyes and ears peeled for new music from the talented Miami rapper, and now, we’re proud to present the bold and brilliant ‘Sunset’.

A fantastic snapshot of St. Laviathan’s style and sound, ‘Sunset’ is a record about coming of age, pushing the boundaries of what modern rap can be with honest lyrics, heavy beats, and a true sense of catharsis. Produced by long term collaborator Whiz Capone, the new cut hits with a rousing refrain of “Follow me I'm off in the sunset, when nothings left”, before smooth jazz-infused instrumentals hit, and St. Laviathan finds himself in a world of infinite possibilities.

Speaking openly about the inspiration behind ‘Sunset’, St. Laviathan explained, “[Its] a coming-of-age record for me. I address a lot here, a very cathartic piece for me. It's about accepting who you are and embracing your destiny.”

Set to feature on his new album, ‘Saint Is the Victor’, which will be officially released on the 27th of June this year, ‘Sunset’ is a rare hybrid release that sees old school hip-hop blend with more eclectic sounds. Available now on most major platforms, ‘Sunset’ is everything we’ve come to expect from St. Laviathan and so much more.

The release of St. Laviathan’s debut album will coincide with the with the two year anniversary of his single ‘Laviamata’, bringing everything back full circle in an impressive turn. While we all wait for the record’s release, there’s still plenty of music from St. Laviathan to keep us going, so make sure you check out his Spotify and Soundcloud pages below.

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