Stac Pollaidh – ‘Age of Darkness’

A black metal project that has been gaining momentum in recent years, Stac Pollaidh has unleashed the ‘Age of Darkness’, a titanic ten-track album that infuses pain and historical struggles into atmospheric black metal sounds.

The project of a solo artist from Edinburgh, Scotland, Stac Pollaidh first appeared in 2021 with the release of their debut album ‘Mephistophelian Hegemony’, a straight shot of brooding black metal that has been slowly burning through the underground scene. Since its release, Stac Pollaidh has continued to impress his niche audience, delivering a string of albums and EP’s that stand tall as some of the most impressive and cataclysmic releases we’ve heard in recent years.

Most recently though, it’s ‘Age of Darkness’ that has caught our attention, along with the likes of other publications in the know like Metal Insider. A dominant and brilliantly atmospheric release, ‘Age of Darkness’ is an album of immense creative output, contrasting fierce instrumentals and damning vocals with stark historic inspiration.

Built on highlights like ‘Miasma’, ‘The Great Retreat’, and the undeniable title track, the new album is a brutal masterpiece that will appeal to any fan of the genre. You can stream the album in full below via Spotify, along with the ‘The Great Retreat’ which is streaming now on our annual Spotify playlist.

Speaking about the new album and the project as a whole in our exclusive pre-interview, the artist behind Stac Pollaidh explained, “I play all instruments - and my music tells the story of historical struggles of the Scottish people, their fight against tyranny. As well as some of my own personal struggles which in themselves have felt like battles.”

Arguably one of the most impressive, undiscovered talents of the year so far, Stac Pollaidh’s new album is a release that both demands and deserves to be heard.

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